You'll like these cafes and restaurants that we've chosen

Specially for Participants and Visitors of

 "Climate World" 2020,

March 10th - 13th, Expocenter, Moscow

«Pushkin Cafe»

(a classic restaurant of russian cuisine)

Tverskoy boulevard26-А

"PUSHKIN CAFE" Restaurant


(restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine)

str. 1905 goda, 2A



(Modern restaurant)

Tverskoy boulevard 26, b. 2



(Meat restaurant)

str. 1905 goda, 2



(restaurant of Georgian cuisine)

str. 1905 goda, 2



(cafe with interior from the series «Friends»)

«Central Perk» - Krasnobogatyrskaya, 90, b 2

Friends Cafe


(fish restaurants)

Tverskoy boulevard, 26



(the restaurant with a show program by the waiters)

Yakimanskaya Naberezhnaya, 4, b.1

The Waiters

141207, г. Пушкино, МО,

ул. Чехова, д.1, к. 2, оф. 1

Тел. +7 965 262 99 58

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